Episode 6 – Roadmaps

“I love this time of year!” announced Flux Larson one morning. “Why is that?” asked Dave Starling. “It’s one of the big three annual events, but it gets the least appreciation.” “What are the big three?” “Number one is Christmas Change Freeze Frenzy, when everyone throws caution to the wind to get risky untested changes…Read More

Episode 5 – The Operations Meeting

“Monthly Ops meeting at 10, Dave.” Flux Larson seemed surprisingly chirpy this morning. “I can’t make it, can you cover for me?” “Another activity that falls on the team leader side of the line?” Penelope Crank lifted her head up from her computer. “He wishes. Brenda keeps a secret attendance register. If you miss more…Read More

Episode 1 – The Start

At the age of eighteen, David James Starling decided to end his life. He was at such a low that his self-loathing prevented him from choosing a quick and painless death, so like a commuter not prepared to jump in front of the all stations train, he waited patiently for the express. He thought long…Read More