Christmas Special

Dave Starling, IT Manager, was sitting at his desk nursing the worst hangover of his life. He had the odd flashback pop up which made him feel even sicker. Had he really lifted Barry McGuigan onto his shoulders and had a race around the dance floor against Chris Tackle and Justina Goose? He was pretty…Read More

Episode 17 – The Bechdel Test

“Must feed the cattle.” Brenda de la Rue, Dave Starling’s boss’s boss was mumbling to herself in the lift. “I’m sorry?” Justina Goose thought the comment might be important and felt the need to respond. “What do you want?” snapped Brenda. “You said something. I thought it might be directed at me. Never mind.” “I…Read More

Episode 13 – The Consultants

David Starling, IT Manager, was at his desk working on a PowerPoint presentation. He looked enviously at Chris Tackle who was sat next to him writing code with his headphones on. Just then, Flux Larson, Dave’s boss arrived. “Don’t worry about that PowerPoint, Dave. Brenda has taken us off the project.” “What?” “Yeah, she got…Read More

Episode 12 – Virtual Machines

Barry McGuigan, possibly the worst developer ever, was more excited than usual. “The Google Cloud team are here! They are giving stuff away, does anyone want anything?” “The fucking what?” Penelope Crank, the resident crusty old mainframe developer, unusually decided to join the conversation. “Google Cloud.” confirmed Chris Tackle, who unlike Barry McGuigan actually was…Read More

Episode 10 – Start-Up Returns

Brenda de la Rue was sitting in a meeting room with fifteen people discussing a critical project. Apart from occasionally interrupting someone to correct their grammar, or to make statements like “Be sure to socialise this with the risk team” or “You aren’t thinking strategically enough, that’s your problem” or “This is all pie in…Read More

Episode 9 – The Architect

Flux Larson, Dave’s boss, hadn’t been seen for two days when he finally reappeared in the office, sitting at his desk with a large coffee as he surfed the internet. “Bender?” asked Barry McGuigan, pointing at Flux. “What?” replied Dave Starling, IT Manager. “Has he been on a bender?” repeated Barry. “You aren’t being any…Read More