Dave Starling

Dave lives in the no-mans-land of IT. Stuck between technical and senior management, he struggles to find meaning to his life. Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Flux Larson

Flux is a good man, working in a bad company. He wants to help Dave, but doesn’t really see the point. In anything.

Chris Tackle

Chris now works for Dave. He is a developer with the catchphrase “Sorry folks!” that doesn’t usually bode well.

Brenda de la Rue

Brenda studied management consultancy at school. She knows nothing about IT, people, or pretty much anything else. Brenda was born to work in corporate IT.

Penelope Crank

Penelope works in Dave’s team and runs the mainframe systems. Nobody knows what that is, so they give her a wide berth. Plus she is a bit snarly and unlike everyone else, seems to get things done.

Lars Effendic

Lars works in IT Security. That is all you need to know.

Justina Goose

Somebody has to be nice, and it’s Justina. She runs the ROFL team and is a peer of Dave’s.

Peter Ness

Peter Ness is the Head of Risk for Brenda’s team.
Managing risk in an organisation is a tough business, but someone has to not do it, and that is Peter.

Timothy Useful

Timothy is Head of Ops for Brenda’s team. He doesn’t seem to get on with Peter Ness for some reason.

Maddy Shovel

Maddy is Brenda’s assistant. Which means that she pretty much runs the department.


Pictures courtesy of Can Stock Photo, and by “courtesy” I mean that they kindly let me pay for them.